Kim Kardashian Beauty Secret Revealed


There can be hardly a name on the Internet that doesn’t know about Kim Kardashian. She has released a campaign for KKW fragrance in the past.

There is no doubt that Kim is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. It makes no sense to how to look better than Kardashian in the public eye.

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Wondering how does she get all this look. In an interview, she breaks down her beauty essentials, her beauty tips and tricks for such an awesome glow and why she is wearing bold blows with platinum locks so that she can get an awesome beauty look.

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She changed her skincare all the time. She loved to use new products. She washed her face with a foaming cleanser.

First, she uses Dr. Lancer cleanse, a hyaluronic acid, a La Mer Serum, a thick moisturizer and after that she uses either Dr. lancer moisturizer or Guerlain.

Now as a result she has got a clean face and after getting a fresh look, now she is going to use KKW beauty contour sticks so that she can perform warm up her face and after that do highlights.

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According to Kim, a good skin starts with a moisturizer like Guerlain.

Regarding dermatologists, she advises to exfoliate on the basis of Dr. Lancer.

Face is one of the biggest attractions when it comes to beauty. According to Kim, a great advice regarding facialist is to wear sunscreen.

She loves SPF of Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops.

Regarding Lip Liner, she advices to use KKW beauty lip liner to overline her upper lip.

The most underrated product that she advices is Kevyn Aucoin concealer, Tarte Shape Tape.

She never leaves behind contour sticks because she uses that to give warmth to her face when she doesn’t find time for foundation.

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Her good day starts with Ouai dry shampoo.

Her hair colorist put olaplex on her hair.

Her nails should be hydrated either by a big bottle like Nail Magic, cuticle oil etc.


In order to take the beauty from the inside out, she takes Dr. Barbara Sturm Skin Food.

Regarding exercise, she works out for an hour and a half.

The drink that she likes is lots of water and she recently had a matcha latte and it was good.

Regarding water, there are certain things that you would like to note which are types of water and the impurities that are present in water.

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Generally, water that comes in our house contains impurities like calcium, magnesium etc. This water is harmful as well as it cannot be used for drinking, bathing etc.

You can have a look at Water softening system ideas so that your health is preserved from these hazards and you get undiseased body.

One best advice that her mom gives is to wash the makeup off and use a warm washcloth.

Her best kept beauty secret is to wear a girdle or waist trainer so that she can workout even when she wants to slim her waist out.

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