Kim Kardashian Loves to Wear Designer Clothing Everyday


Kim Kardashian has a wardrobe that ranges from Balenciaga to Chanel that bends over backwards to dress the star in their creations. She has tons of esteemed designers from which she chooses her clothes and this has even landed her a Vogue Cover.

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She has been wearing tons of fabrics that includes white crop top, mid skirt look, black catsuits and much more.

The Latex Look

First type of dress of Kim that we are going to talk about today is the latex look.

In this Kim wore the skin-tight cloth which is highly popular among celebrities and other super models.

The Double White Combo

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She looks gorgeous in white color and she knows it. Another great Kim’s combo is white crop top and matching white skirt, usually a fitted midi style.

The Camel Coat

This one is also as intended a very tight white dress. She was seen in an eye catching bulky furry brown ankle-length coat that looks like a giant teddy bear.

Not only this but she has also been seen in two occasions than one.

Double Denim

This is a huge fashion faux in history. But it pretends that this style shocker is haunting us.

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On one hand, it is seen as a fashion fail because in double denim, we wear socks with sandals.


A great risque outfits is a sheer look. This one is an elegant look with Kim trying to flash her undergarments. This look also requires a lace, ultra-toned upper thighs, Bridget Jones knickers.


Earlier we have discussed that she looks awesome in white but she gives an awesome look in black too.

This one contains black bandeau and long black skirt combo.


This one is also one of the best looks by Kim which is the sexy black catsuit.

In Brit Awards this year, Kim gave a phenomenal entry with a sexy Julien MacDonald mesh bodysuit that gave a generous look at her cleavage.

kim-kardashian-3.jpg (1600×1200)

She also gave a great entry when she was wearing an eye catching open neckline.

To react to this, a singer Sam Smith said that this was one of the best thing he’s ever seen.


Earlier also it is concluded that Kim isn’t afraid to show off her chest and a great way to prove this is by wearing daring dressed coupled with a black blazer.

What ever be the cloth – be it sheer dress or a mesh offering, Kim likes to couple that with a tailored black blazer or edgy leather jacket.

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