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Israel-UAE-Health_updates Israel-UAE-Health_updates
News4 weeks ago

UAE And Israeli Health Ministers Agree To Cooperate

A telephone call has been made between the UAE and Israeli health ministers. According to the Emirati News Agency, the...

News4 weeks ago

US And Coalition Forces Withdraw From Taji Military Base In Iraq

US and coalition forces have withdrawn from Iraq’s Taji military base. According to the news agency, US coalition forces have...

News1 month ago

Cargo Plane Crashes, 7 Killed In South Sudan

A cargo plane has crashed in South Sudan, killing seven people and injuring a woman. According to South Sudan’s Minister...

News1 month ago

Video Of Police Torture On Pakistani Citizen Goes Viral In UK

A video of a Pakistani-born man being beaten and tortured during a West Yorkshire police arrest in the UK has...

News1 month ago

Protest Against Strike Of Blasphemy Video In Occupied Kashmir, Strike Announced

Protests were staged in Occupied Kashmir against the blasphemy video, while the All Parties Hurriyat Conference announced a full-scale strike...

News1 month ago

The Israeli Army Shot The Alleged Knife-Wielding Assailant

In occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli army shot dead an alleged knife-wielding assailant. An Israeli police officer was injured in the...

India Embassy In Japan India Embassy In Japan
News1 month ago

A Protest Was Staged At The Indian Embassy In Japan On August 15

On August 15, on the occasion of India’s Independence Day, the Kashmir Solidarity Forum, a leading organization of Kashmiris in...

LockDown LockDown
News1 month ago

Auckland, Lockdown extends for another 12 days

New cases of coronavirus have been reported outside Auckland, New Zealand, with Prime Minister Jacinda Arden extending the lockdown in...

Enrolling For An Mba Enrolling For An Mba
Education1 month ago

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Enrolling For An Mba In The Year 2020?

Have you ever wondered why only half of the businesses manage to continue beyond the first five years of their...

Studying Organizational Studying Organizational
Education2 months ago

Benefits Of Studying Organizational Behavior

The factors affecting work outcomes and employee productivity are intangible, and therefore, it’s challenging to control or manipulate them. Employers...

Celebrating Festivals During COVID 19 Pandemic Celebrating Festivals During COVID 19 Pandemic
News2 months ago

How People Across the Globe are Celebrating Festivals During COVID 19 Pandemic?

We all are aware about the situation caused due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Countries across the globe are hit hard...

Injury Law Injury Law
Law3 months ago

Am I Able To Make a Claim for a Minor Car Accident?

No matter the severity of the collision, car accidents are incredibly jarring experiences that can leave victims injured or otherwise...

Quality Education In Schools Quality Education In Schools
Education3 months ago

Best Ways To Enhance Quality Education In Schools

If you are a parent, will you prefer a poor quality of education for your child? As a teacher, will...

Healthcare Industry Healthcare Industry
Health3 months ago

5 Major Concerns Of Healthcare Industry In 2020

What more can tell you about the healthcare industry’s importance than being in the middle of a pandemic? As we...

Trolley Trolley
News3 months ago

A Quick Lowdown on the Different Types of Trolley

Whenever you go shopping, the first thing that you get is a trolley, a piece of metallic equipment with wheels...

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