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Benefits Of Vlogging Your Music Journey




Vlogging Music Journey

Vlogging is a great way to share your story; music would be a huge and interesting part to cover. Whether you’re a hobbyist or an aspiring professional musician, vlogging can help you connect with your audience and build a community around your music. Likewise, you’ll have an outlet for all those feelings that come up when you’re trying something new and challenging, like frustration or excitement at the creative process. But more than that, vlogging can give you more benefits you’d never imagine. To edit your vlogging videos you need to buy a laptop. You can check here:

List of Benefits

Here are the benefits that video blogging can contribute to your musical career.

Exposure to gain audience

Vlogging is a great way to get your name out there. It’s not only fun, but it gives you a genuine exposure to gain an audience. Video blogging also allows you to cover a wide range of topics

For example, if you want to vlog about the best beginner violin brands, then you have the freedom to do it.

Likewise, when you vlog, you have the opportunity to show off your skills and personality in a way that isn’t possible with text-based content. In addition, posting on social media platforms will give your audience an easy access to your videos right away.

The good thing about it is when people get captivated by your vlogs, they’ll want to follow along with what happens next, which means more views and more subscribers.

It keeps you creative

Vlogging is a great way to keep yourself creatively engaged. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it can help you stay motivated, especially in the music industry. It also gives you a low-pressure way to keep experimenting and learning until something clicks. You don’t have to worry about getting the perfect shot or editing the video perfectly because you just have to get it done. If you’re feeling stuck creatively, vlogging can break out of your shell. There’s no better way to shake up the routine than by talking directly into the camera lens without any regard for what anyone else thinks.

It hones your skills

The more you vlog, the better you get at the area you cover. In this case, it’s the music industry and your music skills you are exploring. The more time you spend on vlogging your musical activities, the higher the chance you can improve your skills itself. Likewise, once you are exposed to the world of vlogging, you’ll encounter other people who have the same interest in you and could help you level up your skills as well. It is called collaboration and it is a normal thing to do in video blogging.

Aside from the said skill, you can also improve other areas like video editing, researching, and thinking skills.


You’ve probably seen or watched hundreds of vloggers online. Each of them tackles different topics or areas and you could see that vlogging itself is a fun and exciting thing to do. Music is one of the areas that require a particular skill you can show off. This is why vlogging is a perfect idea to apply while you’re still on your musical journey.

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Apps Music Lovers Must Try




Music Lovers

When you’re happy and ecstatic or when you’re sad and depressed, you’re sure to have the perfect song picked out for the situation. A list of upbeat songs to dance to when you celebrate the good in life and soothing songs to calm you when your heart breaks and your world falls apart. Music helps you cope with it all.

It makes your daily commute and road trip alike more memorable. With many types, you can enjoy music everywhere. Buy your new party speaker, Bike speaker, or traveling speaker at

It gives life meaning and makes it beautiful.

Where once upon a time one had to catch the performing bard or make do with the local village singer singing songs, today you have far more easier access to music. No longer are you bound to sit by radios and TVs to hear your favorite melody, your phone alone can house millions of songs to listen to at your leisure. If you’re someone who finds their feet tapping the ground to a beat you heard, even if it is rhythmically dripping water, then we have some apps for you. To all the music lovers, read on. This curated list is sure to help you connect to music like never before. If you have some questions in mind regarding the video downloader app, read out this article videovor right now!


When it comes to apps for music, the Spotify is a must mention. With a database of more than 100 million songs, you’re sure to find one for whatever mood you’re in. Want some classics to soothe the soul, or metal to bang your head to? Or, are you looking for a dance number? Well Spotify is sure to get you sorted.


If Indie music is your jam then do we have the app for you! Download DayTrotter and you’ll have your very own virtual indie record store which you can browse through whenever you want. You can listen to your favorite song as well as discover some new ones. You’ll find bands you didn’t know before and if that’s not all, get your fink on and stream live sessions.


Got a beat stuck in your head and can’t figure out which song it’s from? This is an all too common an occurrence that can frustrate you beyond reason. But, with SoundHound you won’t ever find yourself in such a situation ever again. This app listens to the song that has your attention and identifies it for you. Turn on the app as the music plays and it’ll do all the hard work. It can also recognize the mp3 songs you hum to it and allows you to purchase the song if you want. Pretty neat, right?


Finding out that your favorite band is playing close by is sure to get you excited, but more often than not people miss them when they visit their town simply due to lack of information. This can be extremely upsetting. With Bandsintown though you won’t ever experience this pain again. This app helps you keep on top of who is visiting your neighborhood. It syncs with your phone and calendar, letting you know in time when the much awaited musicians will visit. You’ll be able to get the tickets before they’re sold out and plan your schedules better. An app to have for sure!


Want to dance and party, but can’t have speakers to get started? you can buy the best speaker at or AmpMe will help you amp up your life for sure. With this app, you can link all your friends’ phones and sync them to play the same song. Each phone works as a speaker that means more the merrier. So, next time you want to jump into a dance routine and pretend you’re in a musical, you can!


You may have the voice of a frog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the rock star of your life. Dubsmash allows you to lip sync videos to your favorite songs so own that song and create your hilarious overdubs. We guarantee that the fun will never end. Just make sure you have fours of free time on your hands before you download it.


Can’t wait to perform a duet with Taylor Swift? Well, here’s your chance. Smule lets you be the star you’ve always wanted to be. It allows you to record the songs you love solo, as well as with major artists. You can also collaborate with people from around the globe. Amazing, right? We’re sure you’ve never experienced music like this before.

Final Words

Music is an important part of life and these apps help it slide into your life seamlessly. They’re sure to make you laugh on a dull day and perk you up when you’re gloomy. They’ll make the good days better and all you need to unlock this treasure is a high-speed internet connection that lets you stream with ease. If you’re wondering where to look then try Cox Bronze Bundle, it’ll gives you reliable service at affordable rates. So, go ahead and download these apps to interact with music like never before!

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Young Dolph Net Worth




Young Dolph Net Worth

Do you want to know about Young Dolph net worth but first lets know how is Young Dolph? Young Dolph was a famous rapper from America, who was born and raised in the city of Chicago, where he began rapping at an early age. He released his debut studio album “King of Memphis” in 2016. 

This album reached the number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart.  He was highlighted on O.T. Genasis’ hit single “Cut It”, which topped at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. If you are curious about other rappers and want to compare their net worths, then check out Snoop Dogg’s net worth. If you want to know more about other rappers, visit this website for Jay Z’s net worth.

Adolph Thornton Jr. is the birth name of young Dolph. Young Dolph was a professional rapper. His earning source of income was singing, rapper, songwriting, record producer. 

The marital status of young Dolph was married.  His height was 6 feet, 3 inches. His wife’s name is Miya Jaye. He had two children one son and one daughter their names are Tre Tre Thornton and Aria Ella Thornton

The Early Life Of Young Dolph

Adolph Thornton, Jr., better known by his nickname Young Dolph, was an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. The famous rapper Young Dolph was born in Chicago on July 27, 1985. He had two sisters and two brothers. Whenever he was 2 years of age his family moved to Memphis.

Thornton was mostly raised by his grandmother; his parents, who were addicted to drugs, experienced issues that caused them not to be the most active in his upbringing. He grew up in South Memphis, Tennessee plagued by poverty, drug issues, and violence. However, his grandmother‘s tough love and guidance played a major role in shaping him into the man that we know him today.


Young Dolph first got interested in music when he was a teenager and was living with his grandmother. Her death affected him deeply, and he found solace in writing and rapping about his feeling.

. After the success of his first mixtape, Dolph encouraged, and he pushed himself harder to reach the top. Over the years, he released several other tapes, such as High-Class Street Music, A Time 2 Kill, Blue Magic, South Memphis Kingpin, and Felix Brothers. His love for music made him pursue a career in rap. 

He was highlighted in the hit single ‘Cut it’ by O.T. Genasis which beat at the 35th number on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2016, he delivered his presentation collection ‘Lord of Memphis’. It was additionally a business achievement.

In April 2017, Young Dolph launched his second solo studio album ‘Bulletproof’. The album was released on the 1st of April by the record labels Atrium Music and Paper Route Empire. It was promoted by singles such as ‘100 Shots’, ‘But I’m Bulletproof’ and ‘I Pray for My Enemies’.

In 2017, Young Dolph marked his cousin-by-marriage and individual Memphis rapper Key Glock to his Paper Route Empire name, after the two had met at family social affairs. In 2018, they delivered the single “Major”, which crested at number 47 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs graph.

You can also check “How Much Is Jeffree Star’s Net Worth?”

When and how Young Dolph died

On November 17, 2021, at the time 12:12 PM, U.S. rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies in South Memphis, Tennessee. The incident occurred while he was buying cookies from the bakery with his entourage. Two shooters landed from a white two-entryway Mercedes-Benz and shoot him. Thornton’s death swarmed Crowds of hundreds of people for hours. Both gunman “Straight Drop” Johnson and Cornelius Smith are in custody.

Top 10 songs of Young Dolph

Here is a list of top 10 songs of Young Dolph what you have to listen. After listening these songs you will also become one of his fans who loved him from the bottom of there hearts.

  1. 100 Shots.
  2. On the River (feat. Wiz Khalifa) …
  3. Case Closed. Young Dolph, Key Glock.
  4. No Sense (feat. Key Glock) …
  5. Talking To My Scale. Paper Route EMPIRE, Young Dolph.
  6. To Be Honest.
  7. RNB (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) …
  8. Water on Water on Water. Young Dolph, Key Glock.
  9. Scale (feat. G Herbo)
  10. Major (feat. Key Glock)


It’s no secret that the rapper Young Dolph has had a rise to fame recently and controversy goes hand in hand

  • Youngsta has been beefing with Dolph sometime before his demise and was even energized for supposedly shooting Dolph’s vehicle years prior in an unmistakable homicide attempt. 
  • Memphis rapper Young Dolph has climbed from a mixtape star endorsed by Dirty South sovereignty like Gucci Mane and Young Thug to an authentic competitor throughout the most recent ten years. His most recent mixtape, Bulletproof, appeared at Number 36 on the Billboard 200 collection diagrams. 

Young Dolph Net Worth

In 2022, Young Dolph’s net worth is roughly about $3 Million. Young Dolph is a well-known rapper who has delivered many studio collections and numerous mixtapes with his great effort love for music. Also, he is known for his collection, ‘Lord Of Memphis’ which was an incredible hit. His last album “Long Live Dolph” was released on Jan 2021. 

No matter what that, his youth was certainly difficult due to his people and he fought a ton to get consistent. However, his benefit in music as a young adult drove him to be a specialist rapper. Young Dolph will always live in the heart of his fans.

You can also read out this article Shammi Prasad for further details on his net worth.

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How Much Is Jeffree Star’s Net Worth?




Jeffree Star’s Net Worth

Jeffree Star is a famous American artist, a great model, an aspiring musician, a successful entrepreneur, and a skin care specialist. He was born in Los Angeles County, California, on November 15, 1985. He has made his way through the makeup world with his talent, hard work, and passion.

 He is the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics which has made him one of the popular YouTube personalities and affluent entrepreneurs.

He released his first-holiday collection called The Frost Collection which had five liquid lipsticks and four velour loafers along with other tools. He worked together along with many makeup artists and singers throughout his career.

Personal information

The real name of Jeffree star is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. The color of his eyes is brown and his hair color is blonde. Jeffree star is a non-vegetarian. His school name was Pacifica High School Garden Grove which is in California.

The Zodiac sign of the Jeffree star is Scorpio and religion is Christian. The marital status of Jeffree star is unmarried. Nathan Schwandt was his ex-boyfriend and Sean van der Wilt is the new boyfriend of Jeffree star.

Gender of Jeffree star

Jeffree Star is a guy. He recognizes as male, was conceived male, and he gender bends his garments and cosmetics. Although Jeffery star is a man he likes to wear makeup and pink occasionally, he likes women’s clothing and loves to be the way he is. He was never ashamed to express his androgynous style.

Jeffree star early life

Jeffree star Born in Los Angeles County, California, on November 15, 1985. He grew up in Orange County, California and his father died when he was 6 years old. Ever since he was a child, Jeffree Star has had a love and flair for makeup; a passion he’s been able to successfully turn into a highly profitable cosmetics line. He has a younger brother named Nathan Steininger. and an older sister named Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger


Jeffree Star began his career on Myspace in 2006. By becoming the most popular person on the website at that time, he was able to promote his music as well as his fashion design career. He also regularly used other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter with blogging about his life and social commentary on “self-image and confidence”.

Jeffree Star released “Beauty killer” a studio album in 2009, The album reached the number 7 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart. In 2013 he suddenly left the industry of music.

Star launched his online beauty store “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” in 2014. He expanded his following on YouTube quickly—possibly faster than Stevewilldoit—becoming well-known for his product evaluations, celebrity impersonations, and partnerships with other YouTubers.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics quickly grew into one of the world’s most successful makeup brands. As a beauty YouTuber, his channel continued to grow in subscribers.

Why did Jeffree Star left music?

In 2010 Jeffree contracted to konvict Muzik. Due to citing legal issues, he left the music in 2013. he left music because his company owner faced copyright issues in the year between 2007 and 2010. After that Jeffree launched his own name brand “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” which quickly grew into one of the world’s most successful makeup brands.

4 Famous Quotes of Jeffree Star

1. “Haters are just confused admirers because they can’t figure out the reason why everyone loves you.”

Jeffree Star

2. “Remember that true beauty comes from within – from within bottles, jars, compacts, and lipstick tubes”

Jeffree Star

3. “Don’t fall in love with someone you can live with, fall in love with someone you can’t live without.”

Jeffree Star

4. “Be yourself, you’ll be a lot happier.”

Jeffree Star

Hobbies of Jeffree Star

Investing in luxury and expensive items like Louboutin Sandals, sneakers, and handbags is the main hobby of Jeffree star. He also likes tattoos that’s why his complete body is full of tattoos

How Does Jeffree Star Spend His Money?

When people see Jeffree Star, they always think of diamonds, designer handbags, and clothes, but in reality, he has invested in a lot of businesses. As we can see his passive income is pretty high on all the businesses he owns. He regularly spends around 1 million per month to keep up with his lifestyle.

3 Controversies

Jeffree Star was a controversial figure in the makeup community. Recently, the beauty entrepreneur faced backlash over his net worth and relationship with Kanye West.

  1. A tattoo artist kat Von D claims that he stole the artwork of B.J Betts and he never paid B.J Betts for his artwork.
  2. In an interview, Kylie Cosmetics was accused by Jeffree Star of using animal hair to make their makeup brushes, making the products expensive. Star has also had public drama with other celebrities like Kat Von D and James Charles. He is known for frequently publishing videos about the expensive things he’s bought.
  3. A YouTube video was uploaded on 15 June 2016 that addressed the accusations and allegations against him. In the video, he admitted to being an attention-seeking teenager and made racist remarks to attract attention. The video ends with his message of not supporting racism anymore.

Net worth

Jeffree Star has an estimated net worth of $200 million. Star is a fashion designer, YouTuber, and make-up artist. He has made his fortune from his music, fashion lines, and make-up products. He is one of the most popular YouTubers with over 16 million subscribers that are interested in the product reviews and beauty tips he posts on the video sharing platform.

You can check his YouTube channel here.

Today Jeffree Star has interests in weed, land and marketing. He possesses the transportation and satisfaction focus utilized by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and other drop shipment organizations. In 2019, Jeffree and Shane collaborated to send off a line of eye-shadow and fluid lipsticks. Do not forget to read out this article Sherre Gilbert for useful information about this famous actress.

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