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Google might have made changes to crawling before June 2019 update




Google crawling

We have seen that Google does not reveal much about when it is going to release updates and what the update will include. However, there has been a change from Google in the recent times. The change is that Google is now revealing when it releases the update. As a matter of surprise, Google even told users that it will release an update which meant that it pre-announced a core algorithm update for the first time, ever.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Google only updates things inside Search when it announces them. Same as previously, Google makes changes on a daily basis which go unannounced. And people notice those changes by jump in rankings or drops. Now, there is discussion regarding one such update that Google is not talking about. It is that Google’s Crawling might have changed in the recent times.

But it is also noticeable that the crawling changes have been seen even before the Google June 2019 Core update was announced. This means that Google’s crawl update was released before its Core update. However, Google’s John Muller says that “nothing specific is happening”. He also mentions that “fluctuations in crawling are pretty normal”.

For those who are unaware about crawling, it is the method through which Google checks about each and every websites in its Search listings. This is also the way with which Google checks if new content is posted on the website and indexes it inside Search. Google Crawl is the reason why website owners don’t have to manually index each and every new post or page they publish on their website.

For crawling, Google uses robots which are called Googlebot. And you can notice the visits of Googlebot in visitor traffic on your dashboard. If you are not able to see Googlebot traffic on your website, it means that Google is not crawling your website and you might have some issues like a penalty.

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What to Look For in Real Estate Investment Properties




Real Estate Investment

Many in the real estate industry believe that prices will fall after the pandemic, there are however many others who believe that now is the right time to invest cash in order to secure it, and because they think that prices will rise in the coming year. Regardless of what you think that the real estate market will do, there is no doubt that there is rarely a bad time to look for real estate investment properties. In order for you to get the very most out of this type of investment, there are some tips to remember that will give you much more potential for making cash on that investment, let’s take a look.

Great Location

The current trend with property buying is that the regular house hunter is looking to find a great location and is happy to sacrifice a little regarding the property to get it. This means a nice place with low crime rates, great community spirit, and solid transport links. If you’re interested in exploring luxury apartments that align with these criteria, you may find valuable information at

Low Maintenance

Unless you are highly specialized in the construction and design industry, the best thing that you can do when you are looking for an investment property is one which is low maintenance. The point of investing in such a property is to buy it and get it rented out as quickly as possible. Buying a property which requires big level changes is just asking for trouble, now and possibly in the future. Keep it simple, buy a place which only needs a little bit of TLC and then get that property rented out.


Most property investors buy a place which they want to cover the costs of using the rent and then have a 100% profitable asset. There is nothing to say however that you shouldn’t still be looking for a property which is going to appreciate over time. Now spotting such a property is a difficult thing to do and you will get better at it with experience. The keys however is to look at the wider community, look at what projects are taking place and keep an eye on the potential for growth. Also focus on current trends and which way they are going, are people looking at properties in the suburbs or is city living the big thing? These are areas to consider when purchasing a property which you want to appreciate.


More important than anything else when you are buying a property is that you keep it simple. This means a steady, low-risk investment which is going to bring in some income each month and which is going to give you the chance to yield some healthy profits in the coming years. Perhaps you can take something of a risk with your 3rd or 4th property, but for now the best bet is to try and keep it as simple as you possibly can.

Any more help you need, ask away in the comments section below this post. Get detailed information about the real estate business, its market and related laws, on this website:

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Attain Wealth with Luxury Real Estate in UAE




Real Estate in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country filled with exclusive, luxurious real estate opportunities. With the help of, those looking to acquire wealth through luxury real estate can make their dreams come true. By utilizing this platform, prospective investors can access a wide range of properties in some of the most sought-after locations in the UAE.

Those who invest in luxury real estate will have access to world-class amenities and facilities usually associated with high-net-worth individuals, such as private pools, health clubs, and gated communities. Investing in this type of property will provide investors with financial security and give them an opportunity to live a lifestyle that many can only dream about. In addition, investing in luxury real estate offers the potential for long-term capital appreciation, which could result in great returns on investment over time.

Location: Key Areas

With a vibrant economy and a flourishing property market, the UAE has emerged as an enticing prospect for savvy investors. However, not all locations are created equal. To maximize returns on luxury real estate investments in the UAE, it’s crucial to know where to focus. Dubai Marina stands out as one of the hottest spots in luxury real estate.

This modern waterfront community boasts abundant amenities and attractions, making it highly desirable for both short-term rental opportunities and long-term investments. Explore the potential of this thriving market at

Tax Benefits: Advantages

The country offers some of the most attractive opportunities for investors seeking to reduce their overall tax liabilities, allowing them to maximize their return on investment. In addition to offering lower taxes compared to other countries, UAE also has a wealth of tax shields and incentives that make it even more attractive from an investment point of view. Investing in luxury real estate can significantly reduce taxes due to various deductions and exemptions available, such as capital gains tax deductions, rental income deductions, and depreciation allowances. UAE’s attractive real estate market also offers investors the chance to benefit from reduced inheritance taxes when transferring ownership between family members or leaving the property as part of an inheritance plan.

Investment Opportunities: Maximize Profits

With its booming economy, the UAE offers investors various opportunities to attain wealth and maximize profits. Whether investing in residential or commercial real estate, numerous opportunities are available to make smart investments and gain long-term financial rewards.

The UAE boasts a diverse selection of high-end properties for sale, from apartments and villas to office buildings and industrial units. Regarding luxury real estate, buyers can access the latest amenities that maximize their investment return. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern design elements, these properties enjoy increased demand locally and internationally. You can explore some of these luxury real estate opportunities at

Development Prospects: Growth Potential

With a wealth of development prospects and growth potential, investors can choose from various projects with high returns and poised for success. The country has seen immense economic growth over the past few years as it diversifies its income sources and becomes a major hub for commerce, banking, finance, and tourism. According to the latest reports, real estate investments in the UAE are estimated to be worth $88 billion, with residential property accounting for 75% of that number. This provides great opportunities for investors who want to capitalize on this lucrative market. The UAE government has also been actively supporting private sector investments through various initiatives to create an environment conducive to attracting capital investment into the country’s economy.

Financing Options: Loans and Mortgages

Attaining wealth through real estate investments has been an age-old goal of many people. Investing in luxury real estate in the UAE is a great way to build long-term wealth and attain financial freedom. This article will discuss two key financing options for investing in luxury real estate in the UAE: loans and mortgages. If you’re considering such investments, it’s essential to explore reputable sources like

Loans are one of the most popular methods used for financing investments. Loans come with various terms and conditions, so it is important to research them carefully before deciding. Mortgages are also available from banks, but they require borrowers to provide collateral, such as property or other assets, to qualify for them.

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Five Secrets to Buying the Best Toys Online for Your Kids





The global toys and games market is worth over $100 billion and is expected to reach more than $120 billion in the next three years. This figure is not surprising given the steadily increasing number of dual-income households, the power of social media, and the growing influence of child development professionals who recommend educational toys for children.

The toy industry also owes its continuous growth to online toy stores that offer hassle-free shopping to busy parents. Perhaps you have tried shopping for play items online a couple of times and had a bad experience of ordering low-quality items that your kids did not like. If so, here are tips that you may want to consider to purchase the best toys online:

Pay Attention to the Description

While you may want to click the “add to cart” button as soon as you see an image of a cute toy, it is better to read the product description first. Keep in mind that the pictures are usually digitally manipulated to look enticing to customers.

Paying careful attention to the dimensions, material, and other crucial details about the item will help give you an idea of the product’s actual condition and features. The process will also help you differentiate a good buy from a bad deal.

Consider What the Child Likes

Just because a specific game is popular among the neighborhood kids, it does not mean that your child likes it. Instead of looking at other children for ideas, it is best to consider your little one’s interest. If your child is active and into gymnastics, a trampoline or monkey bars with climbing frames could be an excellent idea. A girl who likes to play “pretend” could be charmed by a playhouse or a princess tiara. For more parenting tips and ideas, you can visit

Make Safety a Priority

Your child spends most of the waking hours playing. As such, you must ensure that all his/her playthings are non-toxic and less likely to cause injuries. Below are a few pointers to help you select toys that are safe for your young one:

  • Choose age-appropriate toys.
  • Check the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s list of recalled products for babies and kids.
  • Ensure that the electronic toy you are buying passed electrical safety compliance by checking if the item is “UL Certified.”
  • Do not buy chemistry sets and similar toys that contain toxic chemicals.

Buy Matching Toys

Look at your child’s favourite toys and try to find items that complement them so that your little one will have a better play experience. For instance, if your daughter enjoys playing with her cooking playset, you may want to buy her a playhouse so that she can use both at the same time. By doing so, you are helping boost your child’s imagination, and all her toys will remain relevant for a few more years.

Avoid Peak Season

When you purchase toys online, it is best to skip the busy season like Christmas and holidays when prices are higher, and it may take longer for shops to ship your orders. Start shopping as early as possible so that you have more time to choose and buy affordable items.

Purchasing fun and exciting toys for your children requires more than merely selecting reputable online toy stores. As with your other purchases, the process requires careful consideration and attention. The next time you buy dolls, trinkets, and other playthings, make sure to consider the tips above to help you find the best toys at affordable prices.

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