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Google responds to’s closure announcement and blacklisting cryptocurrency sites

Trent Warner



Cryptocurrency news

By this time, everyone must have heard about the closure announcement of which is a big cryptocurrency news website. However, they say that after the June 2019 update, they have been hit hard. For this reason, their traffic as well as revenue has taken a major hit and is not sustainable anymore.

However, took a u-turn and announced that they are not going anywhere. The reason is that they are seeing their content being indexed once again in Google search results. And they believe that it will take time to get back to where they were before but they will get there eventually.

On the Google June 2019 update, alleged that Google is targetting Cryptocurrency news sites with this update. However, Google hints that those allegations are not true. One of Google’s representatives has said that “With any update, some sites might not perform as well as in the past, while other sites might perform better.”

Obviously, Google does not reveal much regarding what is included in the update but this is still a good hint at what exactly goes on at the company. On the issue of Google targetting Cryptocurrency news websites with this update,’s Borchgrevink says that “I know they all are (worried)” hinting at the website owners who are worried about this update. Also, he says that “I’ve been in touch with most of them”.

However,’s rankings drop is not seen by other major cryptocurrency publications. In fact, The Block has noticed that their website is up by 70% month-on-month from May vs April and they say that “we continue to see record traffic despite the Google Core Update, which had a minor negative impact on our traffic”. CoinDesk’s John Biggs, on the issue of the negative impact of June 2019 update, says “Not that anyone has noticed.” This reveals that not every Cryptocurrency news site is affected which means that those websites were not the target

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Top Fintech Leaders in 2021: Jeff Bezos, Luigi Wewege, Jamie Iannone and more

Trent Warner



Jeff Bezos

Exploring the achievements, habits and intellectual brilliance of the most prominent Fintech people of 2021

  • The fintech sector is undoubtedly run by an extremely selective group of top-tier entrepreneurs; what makes them stand out?

The e-commerce industry is undoubtedly at an all-time high with online sales predicted to account for over 85% of total retail sales during this worldwide pandemic. This article is going to take a deep dive into the available commercial data and analyse the most successful financial entrepreneurs of the industry – strategically breaking down their achievements, progress, and corporate ethos in the process.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur and a prolific fintech investor.

He is most commonly known as the Founder, CEO and current President of the e-commerce giant Amazon.

Bezos has been ‘elected’ as the world’s richest person for 3 consecutive years and has been categorized as the richest man ‘in modern history’.

The prominent entrepreneur attributes his success to several key characteristics – including passion, diligence, and efficiency.

In a relatively recent interview brought to us by the Business Insider, Bezos spoke about two key prerequisites for sufficiently succeeding in the commercially aggressive e-commerce industry:

  1. efficiently mapping out and organising your time – ‘having a vision is important, of course’ but it is vital that you do not look too far ahead and always ensure you are giving enough attention the ‘things that are happening today, this year’, and
  2. get used to criticism – even the most successful entrepreneurs would be ‘very naïve’ to believe that they are not ‘going to be criticized’, according to Bezos, having the ability to just ‘accept’ it is a vital step towards developing asufficiently resilient entrepreneurial mindset.

Luigi Wewege (Caye International Bank)

Luigi Wewege is an eminent private banker in Belize, a philanthropist, and a leading figure in the e-commerce industry. Throughout his prosperous career, he is most commonly known for his ability to accurately predict market trends and accordingly provide unique market insights, especially for the Fintech market in Latin America.

Aside from currently serving as the Senior Vice President and Head of Private Banking at Caye International Bank, Wewege is the founder of the Luigi Wewege Foundation and regularly works as a FinTech professor – allowing potential upcoming talents and inspiring entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary commercial breadth and depth demanded in such an aggressively competitive market and to equip them with the necessary digital strategies needed.

During his professional career, Luigi has undoubtedly accomplished unrivalled feats, including:

 (a) Authoring the ‘Digital Banking Revolution’ – sufficiently predicting and strategically breaking down the plethora of ways in which financial technology companies have rapidly transformed the traditional retail banking sector. His book has been labelled as both ‘inspirational’ and ‘thrilling’ and serves as an unequivocal demonstration of the e-commerce’s expert unrivalled ability to predict industry trends and advise accordingly. Wewege’s book has recently received worldwide recognition and has been universally elected as an ‘absolute must’ for the sufficient understanding of the rapidly developing Fintech Industry.

(b) Providing a pivotal financial pilot study for the Federal Trade Commission whilst studying for his undergraduate degree – eventually presenting this research before the United States Congress.

  1. c) Acknowledged as the catalyst behind Caye International Bank receiving the ‘Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America’ award in 2019 – according to Wealth & Finance International magazine as well as Caye receiving the best Private Bank in Belize award – three years in a row by Global Finance Magazine.

Tom Blomfield (Monzo)

Tom Blomfield is a British entrepreneur who is currently serving as the CEO (now President0 of the prolific online bank Monzo – specifically designed for millennials.

Outside of his impressive work in Monzo, Blomfield has managed to accomplish a significant amount of commercial and financial achievements, including being:

  • nominated as one of the Top 5 Entrepreneurs Under 30 worldwide by the European Commission,
  • appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his innovative contributions towards the financial services industry, and
  • awarded for proposing an ‘eBay for students’ whilst studying for a Law degree at Oxford University – and he later sold this marketplace for several million dollars.

Jamie Iannone (eBay)

Jamie Iannone is currently serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of eBay. Having previously held other leadership roles in the company, Iannone moved on to become the COO of Walmart e-commerce, as well as the CEO of before re-joining eBay as its new CEO on April 27th, 2020.

Before joining eBay, Iannone worked for Booz Allen Hamilton for approximately 8 years- rising to the position of Vice President before later becoming the Executive Vice President of digital products at Barnes & Noble.

Catherine Wines (WorldRemit)

Catherine Wines is one of the founders of WorldRemit – an online money transfer company. Founded in 2010, WorldRemit has developed to offer financial services to a staggering 4 million users worldwide using ’90 different currencies, across 150 countries’.

In addition to being a founder and fintech entrepreneur, Wines is also a specialist accountant with prolific commercial and managerial experience within the financial services sector.

Wines current main board responsibilities include strategic compliance, legal governance, and social justice – representing WorldRemit on a range of important social issues including Women in Business.

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Steven Stapinski Andover Resident on His Hometown

Trent Warner



For author Steven Stapinski Andover is the ideal place for living in Massachusetts. I was fortunate enough to have a catch up on video chat with Steven, mainly to talk about his writing work. The conversation lasted for quite some time and during that time I was keen to learn more about his hometown of Andover, MA. Boston had been somewhere that I would like to live for some time now, and to be honest having listened to all of the great stuff which Steven told me, it may well be that I put Andover on that list of places to live.

For those of you who do not know, much like I didn’t until recently, here is what it is like to live in Andover.

Safe Place to Live

We live in strange times at the moment in the USA and there are many big cities which have seen huge surges in crime and delinquency. Andover however, is not such a place and the crime rate here is very low indeed. On average you have a 1 in 220 person chance of something happening to you here, that is 77% lower than the average across the country, certainly somewhere that you and your family can feel safe.

Nature Lovers

Because Andover is set further inland, it doesn’t have close access to the coast, what it does have however is hundreds of acres of gorgeous natural landscapes, rivers meeting and nature reserves just waiting to be explored. Many who live here will spend weekends in the forests here, and the way of life is very in tune with the natural wonder which it is surrounded by.


Because of its proximity to the city of Boston, Andover is the ideal place for those who wish to be involved in the city, without actually living there. There are many business people who live here and who commute to the chaos of the city each day, before retiring back to their quiet town after a hard day’s work.

Family Friendly

This is very much a place for families, largely because of the security which is on offer here. There are also some very high standard schools in this area too and that is a very compelling reason for parents to wish to move their families up to Andover.

Cost of Living

Although this is quickly changing, the cost of living in Andover is far lower than you would first think and house prices are still very reasonable. This is a great surprise given how the rest of Essex County has seen a sharp rise in property costs, which does certainly suggest that now would be the perfect time to get into Andover whilst things were still affordable. There is little doubt that a place which is so accessible to the bright lights of Boston, will soon become highly popular, and pretty expensive.

Is this the type of place where you could envisage yourself living?

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Brian Ferdinand: Changes That Corporate Housing Providers Are Making During Covid

Trent Warner



Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals during the past several weeks have spent more time at home versus on the road. However, many of these same individuals are ready to beat their cabin fever by finally hitting the open road this fall, with Los Angeles remaining a dream vacation spot for many. The question is, what are luxury accommodation providers—namely corporate housing providers—doing to keep their guests healthy and happy, and how will they fare in the months ahead? Here’s a look at how luxury apartments in Los Angeles are adapting following the pandemic, according to travel expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article.


According to Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, reputable providers of corporate housing are now making soap/water and/or hand sanitizer easily accessible to guests during their stays and upon their arrival in the current COVID-19 era. In addition, they are giving their guests disinfecting and/or cleaning products to use, along with clear instructions for using these products during their stays.

The best corporate housing providers are also waiting as long as they can (ideally, one day) before entering their properties to clean them. In addition, they are removing shared objects that are hard to clean regularly; these include decorative pillows and additional throw blankets, for example. They are also opening their unit windows and balcony doors to allow for air circulation. This can enhance their units’ air quality and possibly dissipate any virus particles in the rooms, according to Ferdinand.


As corporate housing providers strive to keep their units as coronavirus friendly as possible, they are paying increased attention to cleaning touch surfaces thoroughly. In addition, they are completing deep cleanings of their units’ food-prep areas and refrigerators, according to Ferdinand.

As part of their efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus, corporate housing firms today are also posting signage for both guests and employees regarding good sanitation and hygiene practices. They are also creating comprehensive cleaning checklists for their properties to ensure that all of their properties are thoroughly cleaned between guests. Thus, even when guests take steps to clean their properties themselves, they implement extra disinfection afterward. During all of their cleaning steps, it is critical that today’s corporate housing providers follow Centers for Disease Control disinfecting guidelines for the best results for their guests time and time aga

It would also not hurt to clean your water to avoid unwanted chemicals and make you vulnerable. Use the best filter available. Click on the url to learn more:




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