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Here are 5 facts that we love about instagram influencer Tina Kiss



Tina kiss

There is nothing not to love about Tina Kiss, a tattoo model from London who within a period of six years gained over 1.6 million followers on instagram.

Here’s five quirky facts that will make you love Tina Kiss even more!

Tina Kiss wanted to be a marine biologist as a kid

Every kid dreams of what they want to become when they are older, and Tina Kiss wanted nothing less than to be a marine biologist. Tina Kiss loves the sea, and as a kid she wanted to learn all about the depths of the ocean. But as she grew older, her dreams changed and she became a successful tattoo model and instagram influencer. Tina Kiss does not regret not becoming a marine biologist, she is happy with her life decisions and wouldn’t want to change it for anything.

Tina Kiss used to work as a cleaner

Tina Kiss wasn’t always a tattoo model and a successful instagram influencer. Tina Kiss used to work as a cleaner to make ends meet and this is something she is not ashamed of. Everybody at some point of their life does something they don’t necessarily want to, but they need to, and Tina Kiss was a cleaner before she was successfully able to make a career out of her modeling hobby. It was also only until about two years ago that Tina Kiss started using onlyfans to monetize her instagram following. Tina Kiss may be widely successful now, but she comes from humble beginnings.

Tina Kiss hates when people make assumptions about her

Like most other people, Tina Kiss hates it when people make assumptions about her. Tina Kiss openly admitted, “My biggest pet peeve is when people make assumptions about me”, and this is completely understandable. Nobody likes to be judged. But as a tattoo model in the public eye, people tend to make and voice certain assumptions that are simply untrue, and this drives Tina Kiss up the wall. Tina Kiss has learnt over the years to deal with negative comments that come with using social media.

‘Kiss’ is her real surname

People always find it hard to believe that ‘Kiss’ is Tina’s real surname. Tina Kiss loves her surname, it makes her all the more unique and memorable. People tend to think that ‘Kiss’ is a stage name of sorts, that Tina Kiss uses the name ‘Kiss’ as part of her public persona. When they find out that ‘Kiss’ is actually her real surname, the disbelief is still present in their reactions. Yes, ‘Kiss’ is an uncommon surname but Tina Kiss uses this to her advantage. It adds to her appeal as a tattoo model and as an instagram influencer, and in her opinion is better than any stage name.

Tina Kiss is 5’10

Tina Kiss commented “I’m very tall, 5’10 to be exact”, and she is actually quite tall if we look at the average height of women in the UK, which is 5’3. Tina Kiss does not see her tallness as a negative thing though, she loves being as tall as she is, especially for her model career. Tina Kiss believes women to embrace who they are and what they look like no matter how different they are from the societal norm or ideal. For Tina Kiss, it is her height, she is taller than your average woman, but she does not let this get her down or detract from how she feels about herself. Instead, she tries to love and embraces every part of her body.

Do we need more reasons to love Tina Kiss?

Tina Kiss is anything but ordinary, and if we needed any more reason to love her, these five quirky facts may just have done the trick. It is easy to imagine Tina Kiss as a cute toddler wanting to be a marine biologist or as a young adult working hard as a cleaner to make ends meet before her modeling career took off and she became a successful instagram influencer. And with ‘Kiss’ for a surname and legs that never end as a bonus, it’s hard not to instantaneously love Tina Kiss.

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Randy Wooten – Going Back To The Past With Your Music Listening



Music Listening

I watched a fantastic video last week featuring the brilliant Randy Wooten, a man who I have long enjoyed listening to with regards to music. Randy was talking about the problem which many people have with regards to listening to new music, something which I largely agree with. What I wanted to address today however is in relation to new music but not necessarily to newly released music. I actually want to get into the idea of listening to music which is old, but new to your ears, and here is exactly why I see it as being so important.

Assumption of Knowledge

Something which so many of us fall into the trap of doing is assuming that we know music simply because we know a band or artist so well. For example The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, these guys churned out an enormous number of songs, and whilst many of us know the big hits of course, there are many, many songs which a lot of us just aren’t going to be aware of. This is why it is always important to go back into the past and discover things from our favorite bands.

The Death Example

One of the best examples of why we should go back and listen to music of old, is that we may just discover some nuggets which we previously had no idea that existed. Not everything is a smash straight away, in fact some get completely trashed when they are released. A perfect example of this is the punk band Death, who brought out a number of singles, yet no albums, back in the 70s. Death never found any kind of fame and in fact its members went off to get day jobs after they failed to find success. Rediscovered in 2006, this band, as it turns out, is absolutely incredible and they have since put those collection of songs on a brilliant album which was released in 2008. It just goes to show how much tastes change and why we should always look backwards as well as forwards.

Learning Influences

There is nothing wrong with artists or bands who borrow heavily from something in the past and one of the really cool things about going backwards is that you can understand where these artists in the present are coming from. Take the world of hip-hop as the perfect example, a genre which heavily uses samples of other songs from the past. If you are a hip-hop fan and then you decide to listen to some mid-70s funk, you are just going to be picking out song after song which has been sampled by modern day rappers. This rediscovery of music gives you an insight into what today’s musicians are being inspired by.

If you don’t want to listen to music of today then that is up to you, but that doesn’t stop you from discovering new music, even if it is old.

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Apps Music Lovers Must Try



Music Lovers

When you’re happy and ecstatic or when you’re sad and depressed, you’re sure to have the perfect song picked out for the situation. A list of upbeat songs to dance to when you celebrate the good in life and soothing songs to calm you when your heart breaks and your world falls apart. Music helps you cope with it all. It makes your daily commute and road trip alike more memorable. It gives life meaning and makes it beautiful.

Where once upon a time one had to catch the performing bard or make do with the local village singer singing songs, today you have far more easier access to music. No longer are you bound to sit by radios and TVs to hear your favorite melody, your phone alone can house millions of songs to listen to at your leisure. If you’re someone who finds their feet tapping the ground to a beat you heard, even if it is rhythmically dripping water, then we have some apps for you. To all the music lovers, read on. This curated list is sure to help you connect to music like never before.


When it comes to apps for music, the Spotify is a must mention. With a database of more than 100 million songs, you’re sure to find one for whatever mood you’re in. Want some classics to soothe the soul, or metal to bang your head to? Or, are you looking for a dance number? Well Spotify is sure to get you sorted.


If Indie music is your jam then do we have the app for you! Download DayTrotter and you’ll have your very own virtual indie record store which you can browse through whenever you want. You can listen to your favorite song as well as discover some new ones. You’ll find bands you didn’t know before and if that’s not all, get your fink on and stream live sessions.


Got a beat stuck in your head and can’t figure out which song it’s from? This is an all too common an occurrence that can frustrate you beyond reason. But, with SoundHound you won’t ever find yourself in such a situation ever again. This app listens to the song that has your attention and identifies it for you. Turn on the app as the music plays and it’ll do all the hard work. It can also recognize the mp3 songs you hum to it and allows you to purchase the song if you want. Pretty neat, right?


Finding out that your favorite band is playing close by is sure to get you excited, but more often than not people miss them when they visit their town simply due to lack of information. This can be extremely upsetting. With Bandsintown though you won’t ever experience this pain again. This app helps you keep on top of who is visiting your neighborhood. It syncs with your phone and calendar, letting you know in time when the much awaited musicians will visit. You’ll be able to get the tickets before they’re sold out and plan your schedules better. An app to have for sure!


Want to dance and party, but can’t find the speakers to get started? Well worry not, AmpMe will help you amp up your life for sure. With this app, you can link all your friends’ phones and sync them to play the same song. Each phone works as a speaker that means more the merrier. So, next time you want to jump into a dance routine and pretend you’re in a musical, you can!


You may have the voice of a frog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the rock star of your life. Dubsmash allows you to lip sync videos to your favorite songs so own that song and create your hilarious overdubs. We guarantee that the fun will never end. Just make sure you have fours of free time on your hands before you download it.


Can’t wait to perform a duet with Taylor Swift? Well, here’s your chance. Smule lets you be the star you’ve always wanted to be. It allows you to record the songs you love solo, as well as with major artists. You can also collaborate with people from around the globe. Amazing, right? We’re sure you’ve never experienced music like this before.

Final Words

Music is an important part of life and these apps help it slide into your life seamlessly. They’re sure to make you laugh on a dull day and perk you up when you’re gloomy. They’ll make the good days better and all you need to unlock this treasure is a high-speed internet connection that lets you stream with ease. If you’re wondering where to look then try Cox Bronze Bundle, it’ll gives you reliable service at affordable rates. So, go ahead and download these apps to interact with music like never before!

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