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Stainless Steel Brad Nails, Uses and Benefits




When it comes to getting the right materials for a DIY project it can be easy to try and cut corners, and grab something which you think may still be able to do the job. There is however a bit of importance when it comes to getting the right materials because in doing so you can make sure that the job gets done well, and the end product is exactly what it should be. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they working on their own DIY project is using the wrong nails. Everyone recognizes the right size, at least in most cases, but there is for example a large difference between stainless steel brad nails and finish nails. With regards to the former, here is what they are all about and why they cannot be replaced.

Breaking Down Brads

Brad nails, or Brads if you really want to sound like you know what you are doing, are created using 18-gauge steel wire. The gauge which is used on a nail is an indication of the thickness of it,  with thinner nails having higher gauge numbers. With a gauge size of 18 that makes the Brad nail a thin diameter which makes it perfect for certain situations. This is one of the most commonly used nails in DIY and it has a number of qualities which make it ideal for this situation. Size, weight and structure are the key characteristics which this nail offers.

Where the Brads Are Used

Brad nails are used more often than not in thin wood such as MDF or wood trim and panelling. The reason why these nails are specifically used for these pieces is that their thin head and diameter ensure that those types of wood do not crack when you hammer into them. Conversely, a finish nail for example is thicker, 15-gauge, and would split the timber if you hammered one into  a piece of panelling. Anther great benefit of a Brad nail is that you can hardly see it in the wood and it can be easily painted over so that it doesn’t become visible at all.

As you can see here, using the wrong nail, something which seems rather innocuous, could make a huge difference with r regards to your DIY project, just imagine getting to the point of assembly and then having to start again because your finish nail split the piece. As you can see, this is an important choice to make.

Now if you are in any doubt about the nails or the materials which you should be using on a certain job then you can find a wealth of information online from video guides to step by step guide which can be found on blogs. There is no excuses for not knowing what materials are the right ones to get, so be sure to make the right call and grab all the perfect tools and materials for your DIY job to make sure that it is perfect.

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Home Improvement

An Easy Treatment for Protecting Your Countertops

Trent Warner




ABC 4 ran a story which should interest those of you who are worried about their countertops getting ruined. We have to state that normally, when you install a good, stone countertop using a professional remodeller, a countertop is very low-maintenance. Nonetheless, as ABC 4 reminds us, this is not a licence to neglect your countertop. There are many ways in which, over time, countertops can be ruined. For example, many are porous, so that whenever you spill anything on a nude countertop, and you do not wipe the spillage away very quickly, that spillage can seep through your countertop’s pores, undermining the integrity of the stain over time, and in the near term, leaving permanent stains. So we need to know how to protect our countertops given these risks.

The first thing to remember is that all stones are, to some extent, permeable, so they will always allow germs and moisture and so are all subject to staining. Furthermore, in allowing for germs and moisture to remain, they pose a health risk in food preparation. This is why we cover countertops. A good countertop sealer is created in such a way that it prevents the staining and etching that occur when a spillage is not wiped away soon.

ABC 4 cites the Utah-based firm, Komosus Counters, who suggest that stone countertops should be sealed every 3 years. This is a good rule of thumb, though there really is no consensus on how frequently countertops should be sealed. Granite Gold points out that many people apply sealants to their stone countertops every six months to a year, and that stone countertops can never be sealed too much. An easy test to see if you need to seal your countertops is to pour several drops of water on different parts of your countertop, and let those drops sit for half an hour. If you notice any seepage into the granite, it is time to apply a sealant. This is known as the “water test”. It pays to pay attention to your countertops and often, a sure sign that it needs to be sealed is when you see dull places on an otherwise shiny countertop. If you keep track of when your first few sealants start to wear away, you can forecast when you will next need to apply a sealant.

So even with the best countertops from a supplier like Legacy Countertops, you still need to take good care of your countertops. Sealing your countertops is not a complicated process if you prepare well and do your research. Remember to cure your countertop 24 hours before applying the sealant. If you intend on applying a second coat of sealtn, you will have to adjust your downtime to reflect this. Make sure to have gloves, lots of dry cloths, and proper ventilation.  Ensure that your granite sealant is of the highest quality and made by a reputable manufacturer. You should use this opportunity to give your countertop a deep clean, using a good stone cleaner. When you have cleaned and dried your countertop, you can then liberally apply your sealant in 3-foot sections, spreading out the sealer all over the stone with a dry cloth -check to see it it lint free-, because if you just leave it to dry, it will haze. Spread out the sealant with circular motions, so that the sealant is applied uniformly. Do this three to four times for best results. After 24 hours, you can give everything a nice clean and declare the job done.

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Some Interesting U-Shaped Kitchen Designs and Ideas




U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

Kitchen renovation requires the layout decision in the first place. You can design your kitchen in different styles. But if you are looking to utilise the most out of the available space, then you should consider a U shaped kitchen. It looks classy and provides you with additional utensil and appliance space as compared to L shaped or galley kitchens. Though U shaped kitchen layout is the best for large kitchen areas, it can also prove to be helpful in smaller kitchens. You just need to be sure that you have at least 2 meters of space between both the banks.

U shaped kitchen allows you to achieve the “golden triangle” rule: you should have your refrigerator, your cooker and your sink from 120cm to 270cm away from each other. In this way you can achieve practicality, time effectiveness and safety goals in kitchen renovation in Brooklyn. The golden triangle is usually hard to achieve in galley or L shaped kitchens.

Here we give you some useful tips and ideas while you design your U shaped kitchen.

1.Install a peninsula unit

Peninsula unit brings smartness to U shaped kitchens. It provides extra storage capacity as well as additional worktop space without needing a third wall. It makes large kitchens even smarter with its unique modern design. It beautifully defines the boundary of the kitchen without depriving it of the view.

2.Use ‘white’ to your advantage

Using white colour on the walls, ceilings and the kitchen cabinets makes your U shaped kitchen appear bright. By choosing a dark wall in contrast makes the kitchen look compact and adds depth as you walk through.

3.Incorporate a breakfast setup

Imagine your kids having breakfast in the kitchen as you serve them. A U shaped kitchen gives you the cozy atmosphere to enjoy such moments everyday. Bring in some high stools or hydraulic chairs and set them by the peninsula unit. Use this space as your breakfast or coffee station.

4.Your mini dining area

If your house does not accommodate a separate dining area for your family to enjoy meals together, you can have it in your kitchen. A small dining table can be set towards the open side of the U shaped kitchen. Have your meals sizzling hot now.

5.Dark may spark

In case you do not have a large kitchen space, adorn your U shaped kitchen with dark cabinetry and workspace tops. Pair it with white walls to give your kitchen a sharp look. Bold never gets old!

6.Turn your galley kitchen into U shaped

If you have a small kitchen with a galley layout, there is still some good news for you. You can turn your galley kitchen into a U shaped kitchen by installing some appliances onto the third small wall. You can either install your cooking range, dishwasher, oven or an automatic washing machine in that space. In this way you will save some space and the run of the wall units would look smooth and complete.

7.Be creative

Be creative while designing your kitchen in U shape. Your kitchen can depict your personality and interests. If you are a book reader, have a little bookshelf on the front wall. If you like watching Netflix, you can have a panel over a wall so you can enjoy the shows alongside cooking. If you like to video call while working in the kitchen, have a phone holder installed. Let your inner self guide you what you would like to have in your kitchen.

8.Build around a window

If possible, build your kitchen with a wide window at a wall. The window would serve as an anchor in the room. It lets the daylight and fresh air in and gives you a view so you do not get bored. If you are a plant person or like to have organic veggies, you can make your little kitchen garden in the window. It gives a splash of nature and freshness.

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How to Use Technology to Efficiently Move from Florida To Canada

Trent Warner



Move from Florida To Canada

Did you know that moving from Florida to Canada can require over 2,000 miles of travel, depending on your origin and point of destination? Planning a move of this caliber requires a lot of organization and a lot of help. Not only will you have to get your belongings ready to move, but you also have to figure out how to get them to your new residence. You probably haven’t even thought about your car yet, or how it will get to Canada.  When you begin doing your research, start here and learn what moving from Florida to Canada can mean for you.

From hiring a reputable moving and auto shipping company to crossing the border, there will be things that you need to be prepared for. Using technology can make some of these moves a whole lot easier. You can use technology in ways you probably didn’t even realize. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that technology can make your move from Florida to Canada more efficient.

Your Smartphone Provides A Lot of Resources

Almost every day, we have a resource in the palm of our hand that can provide us all the answers to life. Ok, maybe not all the answers to life, but they can help us with a move to Canada from Florida. Do you know all the items you should take with you or what to do with the ones you aren’t taking? Have you started looking for a company to move these items? Your smartphone has the tools to do a lot more than you even realized it could do.


When you move to another country, like Canada, you need to have somewhere to live and someone to move your stuff for you. Finding your home and your company can be done using the search function on your phone. Some applications can even help you with this process.

Larger moves like this require some extra preparation. Once you have your home found and know when you can move in, you can coordinate with the moving company you choose to decide when your transport should occur.

Most moving companies would like for you to give them a few months of notice, if possible, to help iron out the fine details of the move. The reason for this is because they have other customers, and getting the customs paperwork and information could take some time.

Take or Toss?

Customs will require you to list every item you are importing into Canada. Much of this is to ensure you are not coming in with things you shouldn’t and to help define the value of the items. You might be eligible for a duty-free import on both your car and your belongings, which your shipping company can help you determine. You can also refer to the Canadian Border Services Agency for more details.

So what are you supposed to do with all the items that are not Canada bound? Chances are, you have social media on your smartphone. There is a marketplace where people buy and sell their items, like a big online yard sale. Apps for the same purpose are also available. You can post what you are not giving away to see if you can sell them before you leave the country. If this doesn’t work or you run out of time, you can either trash items that have been overly used or donate.

Take Your Car Along For The Ride

Many moving companies will offer other services that may be valuable for you and your move from Florida to Canada. Many of these services often include professional packing and shipping cars. When you are doing your research with your smartphone to find a company that will meet your needs and expectations, search for those that offer auto transport. Using a company that can do more than one job makes your move more efficient, without the need for two different companies.

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