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The Relationship Between Employee Training, Development And Productivity




Employee Training, Development And Productivity

Employee training is a crucial part of running a successful business. It allows employees to acquire expertise in dealing with seniors. The training covers a variety of topics, including how to manage and sustain work as an employee, and many others. It also focus on learning how to properly structure official papers such as leave letters and other formal paperwork.

From increasing staff satisfaction to improving onboarding processes, training offers a huge range of benefits for businesses and employees. There is an intrinsic relationship between corporate training and productivity, which is why businesses invest time and money into building meaningful training programs.

In this article, we’re going to look at what productivity really means, and also highlight the role that training plays in increasing productivity.

The definition of productivity

It’s no surprise that all businesses look for productivity increases. In the modern business world, overhead costs are always rising, and companies need to find ways to do more with fewer resources. The simplest way to get more done with less is to increase productivity. But it’s not just about making people work harder.

 The common definition of productivity is ‘the state or quality of being productive’. But what does that really mean for business? Basically, it means the effectiveness of any output in relation to the amount of input. In short, if you have 5 employees, the only way you can measure an increase in productivity is to see better results from those same 5 employees.

In reality, there are many ways to improve productivity. You can streamline your processes, implement better technology or focus more heavily on certain KPIs. But another way to improve productivity is by training and developing your staff with the skills they need in order to achieve more.

How employee training increases productivity

Many people think of training as a reasonably simple concept. You teach people some new skills, and they can all of a sudden do great things. It’s actually a lot more involved than that, and training may not deliver an instant bounce in productivity. What it does do, though, is lay a platform for an efficient and productive work environment.

 Building an environment where people feel confident in performing multiple roles is crucial to your success in modern business. If you only implement training programs so that you can tick a box and say your staff are trained, you won’t get as much out of it. The idea is to really build a culture of learning, development and progress.

Here are just some of the ways that training and development can help supercharge your workforce.

Improved staff engagement

One of the secrets to increasing productivity is to improve the levels of staff engagement. It’s no secret that happy staff produce better results. They feel more part of the business, which in turn leaves them invested in the business’s success. Engaged staff are more likely to go the extra mile to ensure results. They work better as part of a team. Overall, when staff are engaged, they become a far more valuable resource.

This also has flow-on benefits, with engaged staff members being far less likely to be looking elsewhere for a new job. The beauty of implementing quality corporate training is that employees see you’re investing in them as a people. You’re not just giving them mandatory training for the business – you’re developing the employee’s skills. There’s a sense of gratitude that comes with that, so training is the basis from which workplace loyalty can be built.

A more agile workforce

When workload requirements shift within a business, it can be costly to hire contractors and casual staff members to fill the gaps. But would you need to do that if you had a multi-skilled workforce? Let’s consider an example. It’s nearing the end of the financial year and your sales team is making a big push with EOFY deals. Calls are predicted to increase dramatically for a two-month period.

It isn’t worth hiring and training brand-new staff just for this period. If you do, they’re likely to be temporary staff members and won’t deliver as much productivity as experienced staff members would. So, is there an option to redeploy your resources instead?

If you have staff members in other departments who also have the skills to make sales calls, you can temporarily move people around, saving money and increasing productivity in the process. But of course, they need to be well-trained first.

Improves employee confidence

Everybody wants to feel that they’re good at what they do, and training goes a long way towards that. When staff are well-trained, they have more confidence in their decision-making, and they can essentially work faster. Employee training is all about giving your people the tools and skills they need to be successful.

It’s not about creating an environment where people can’t ask questions. Rather, it’s simply a matter of building people’s knowledge to the point that they don’t need to ask as many questions, therefore increasing productivity.

Refreshing previous skills

Training isn’t all about teaching people new things. In many cases, your staff have previously developed a certain set of skills but forgotten them through lack of use. For example, an employee may have attended a Microsoft Excel course in the past, but if they haven’t used the program for a while, the skills tend to drop away.

For those staff members, refresher courses are the perfect way to re-develop those skills. Not only does this help to raise the confidence of your people, but it can also reduce the instances of errors and improve overall performance.

Training creates successful onboarding

Bringing new staff into the team is always challenging, and it can also have a detrimental effect on productivity. This is natural because the new staff members don’t yet have the experience to hit the ground running. Not only do they need formal training, but also support from existing employees. As a result, everyone’s performance is at risk.

That’s why companies invest heavily in their onboarding processes. Early training helps to bring new people into the workforce the right way. They’re all trained equally, and in theory, should all have the necessary skills to perform well once onboarding is complete. It also helps to bring new people into a strong culture where training and development is a valued part of their experience.

Decreasing staff turnover

While we’re on the topic of bringing in new staff, we also need to discuss the reason new staff are needed. If it’s simply due to business growth, that’s great. However, if it’s because of staff turnover, then there will definitely be a significant hit to your productivity. When staff leave a business, they don’t just take with them the skills required to get work done. They also take experience and knowledge, which leaves a significant role in many businesses.

One of the reasons people look for opportunities elsewhere is because they don’t get enough opportunities. Whether they see no room for advancement or they feel they’re not supported, training plays a big part here. With a strong training program, you can set your business up in such a way that you only need to bring entry-level staff on board.

When your staff are skilled, you can promote from within rather than hiring external professionals. This solves two problems. You get employees who are already experienced, knowledgeable and loyal, so productivity is affected less. In addition, your people will see that there are opportunities for internal advancement and be less inclined to look for external opportunities.

 A culture of learning

Overall, training and development play a key role in improving the culture of a workplace. Companies that invest time into their culture are usually more successful because they create a real sense of team. Plus, when new staff members come on board, they enter a workplace that already has a strong learning culture.

Productivity increases are vital to business growth, so do yourself a favour and invest in quality corporate training. Your bottom line will thank you in the long run. Learn more about the effects of employee training and the difference between the productivity of a well-trained employee and an employee with no hands-on experience, on this website:

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The Psychology Behind Why We Love Rhyming Words




Rhyming Words

Rhyming words have a unique ability to capture our attention and stimulate our imagination. From children’s nursery rhymes to the lyrics of popular songs, we are drawn to the rhythmic and melodic quality of words that rhyme. This phenomenon is not only found in poetry or music but also in advertising slogans and brand names. But why do we love rhyming words so much? What is the psychology behind this preference?

Love of Rhyming Words

One explanation for our love of rhyming words can be attributed to the way our brain processes information. Studies have shown that our brains are wired to recognize patterns and make predictions based on them. Rhyming words like orange, hustle and bad create a pattern of sounds that our brains can quickly process and anticipate. The predictable rhymes make them easier to remember and recall, so they are often used in advertising slogans and political campaigns.

Another reason for our fondness for rhyming words is how they evoke emotions. Rhymes can create a sense of joy and playfulness, which is why they are often used in children’s books and songs. The sing-song quality of rhyming words also creates a sense of unity and community, which is why they are often used in religious chants and protest slogans.

Furthermore, rhyming words can also enhance the memorability and retention of information. Research has shown that information presented in a rhyming format is more easily remembered and recalled than in a non-rhyming format. This is why we often use mnemonics, which are rhyming phrases or acronyms, to remember information.


In conclusion, the psychology behind why we love rhyming words is complex and multifaceted. Our brains are wired to recognize patterns, and rhyming words create a pattern of sounds that our brains can quickly process and anticipate. Rhymes can evoke emotions, enhance memorability and retention of information, and create a sense of joy and playfulness. It is no wonder that rhyming words have been used throughout history to convey ideas, create unity, and entertain.

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How Does PMP Certification Provide You With Great Salary Packages?




Project Management Professional

The PMP certification is respected on a global level and is valuable both domestically and abroad. How technology improves your studies in this digital world. Living in the digital era has made globalization more advanced. Reaching new markets is now simpler than ever for businesses. Credential holders prove to their employers that they are knowledgeable about current project management techniques by keeping their certification. PMP Certification Salary packages are good and increase with the demand of the professional.

The PMP Offers Professional, Global Recognition

The most well-known project management credential worldwide is the PMP designation. As we already indicated, if you get this certification, your average wage will undoubtedly increase. You’ll get the respect of your co-workers, bosses, and customers as well, though. With the help of this qualification, you can advance your career significantly. Having a certification that is recognized both domestically and internationally is one method to expand your job options.

Income Potential Depending on Project Size and Scope

Your PMP credential compensation expectations might be positively impacted by the size and scope of the projects you manage in addition to earning and maintaining certification. Not all initiatives require the same degree of meticulousness or widespread cooperation. And with more expertise comes the capacity to manage even the trickiest, time-consuming jobs. Project completion on schedule, within scope, and under budget are the ultimate aims shared by PMI Standards of credential holders. Effective project management becomes more important as they grow bigger and more complicated. You can anticipate that your compensation after earning the PMP credential will increase to reflect the additional effort you put into your work if you work on challenging, large, multinational, or expensive projects.

Potential for Income from Experience

It stands to reason that someone with more experience would be more likely to earn more money. But how big of a pay rise can PMP holders anticipate based on their experience? As they advance in the workforce, PMP credential holders with experience can anticipate increased average pay, much like many other sectors. However, maintaining these PMP credentials is crucial if they want to remain competitive in the field. PMP certification holders are important assets to any organization thanks to their renewed certification and years of relevant expertise. To find out more about how companies value PMP certification, visit this website:

Opens fresh career opportunities

The advantages of having a team member with a PMP certification are quickly understood by businesses and clients alike. Holders of the PMP credential have proven knowledge of tested project management techniques, and they are presumed to be capable of finishing projects on schedule and within budget. Therefore, having a PMP certification on your CV can open these doors if you’re seeking chances to assume greater responsibility. Few of the jobs that have handsome salaries are:- Engineering project management professional, Aerospace project management professional, Pharmaceutical project management professional, Consulting project management professional, Resources project management professional.

With the additional qualification of PMP certification, you can perform better because it assures that you are aware of what to do during each of the five phases plan initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing. According to survey results, India would likely take the lead globally in employing PMP Certified individuals in the years to come. Obtaining a PMP certification is challenging, but instructor-led training created using the Global Blended Model of Approach (GBMA) makes the work simpler.

Learn more about different types of certifications and courses that can enhance the chance of promotion or hunting the favorite job opportunity, on this website:

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Ari Stiegler TutorMe: Your One Stop Learning Portal




Ari Stiegler TutorMe

Ari Stiegler TutorMe was created to make finding and coordinating a tutor easier for both the student and the tutor. Hunter, Convery, and Stiegler had all been involved in tutoring while they were students at USC, so they had personal experience with the need for such a service. They teamed up with Kotseruba, who developed an online platform that made it simple to find a tutor based on location, subject matter expertise, availability, and price point. The TutorMe team believes everyone should have access to affordable education help no matter where they live or their budget.

Innovative E-Learning Portal

The TutorMe e-learning portal is one of the most innovative and effective online resources for students of all ages. The platform allows users to connect with experienced, qualified tutors in more than 300 subjects, from basic math and science to more complex topics like business administration or engineering. No matter where a student lives or their budget, TutorMe offers a flexible and affordable solution for homework help and supplemental education.

One of the great things about TutorMe is that it provides on-demand access to tutor support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that students can get help with their schoolwork anytime they need it, whether at 2 am or 10 pm on a Saturday. In addition, over 13000 independent tutors are available through the portal, so students can find the right person to work with depending on their needs and preferences.

TutorMe has been an amazing resource for my daughter during high school. She often struggles with physics and chemistry homework but has found relief thanks to our tutor’s patient guidance and thorough explanations via video chat sessions. The overall Cost pricing makes this service accessible even when the budget is tight.

Zovio Acquired TutorMe

Zovio Inc., a leading education technology company, acquired TutorMe in 2019. The acquisition included $3 million in cash and 310,000 shares of stock. This move reflects Zovio’s commitment to expanding its capabilities in the field of online learning.

Hunter Walker, CEO of TutorMe, has praised the experience of working with Zovio so far. “The TutorMe team has been able to maintain our startup mentality while we polish up our operations,” he said. “It’s great being part of such a forward-thinking organization.”

The acquisition of TutorMe by Zovio is a key move in the expansion of Zovio’s capabilities in the field of online learning. TutorMe is a leading provider of online tutoring services, and its team has praised the experience of working with Zovio so far. This acquisition reflects Zovio’s commitment to providing high-quality educational resources to students worldwide.

How does it work?

TutorMe functions as an online tutoring service. Students who need help with schoolwork can access TutorMe’s website and schedule one-on-one sessions with a tutor. The company contracts with schools to provide free tutoring for students, and individual users can also purchase hours of service on the site.

TutorMe contracts with schools that pay for tutoring sessions that are free for students. According to Hunter, schools have the choice to pay for every hour of tutoring or by the number of students, the latter of which is the more popular payment model. Individuals can also purchase hours of TutorMe through the company’s website.

TutorMe and McGraw-Hill

TutorMe and McGraw Hill Education have teamed up to offer one free hour of live tutoring each week to students who use the McGraw Hill Connect platform. This partnership is designed to help students improve their learning outcomes through access to personal tutoring while also providing employees of companies that offer TutorMe as a benefit with discounted rates on our service.

The benefits of this collaboration are clear: Students get personalized instruction from qualified tutors, which can lead to improved grades and test scores. Additionally, businesses that provide TutorMe as a perk for their employees can save money on the cost of individualized tutor sessions. Moreover, both parties gain exposure to new markets; the TutorMe brand reaches out into new educational circles via McGraw Hill Connect users around the world, while millions of potential customers learn about McGraw Hill Education’s suite of products and services.

How has it helped students in grade improvement?

Since TutorMe launched its paper submission tool, it has helped students improve their grades. The platform allows students to submit a paper and review it by tutors. This service is invaluable to students who want to ensure they produce high-quality work. 

The feedback that tutors provide can help students identify where they need improvement and how they can better organize their thoughts when writing essays. In some cases, the tutor may also recommend specific resources that the student can use for further research. Overall, this tool provides an extra level of support that many students find helpful in terms of improving their academic performance.

Ari Stiegler TutorMe – Online Tutoring of the Future

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