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Top Tips To Boost Affiliate Sales On Your Website





So, you’ve got your very own website, you’ve been working hard and spending your spare time promoting some of the products in the affiliate Marketplace. You’ve made a few sales but you’d really like to shift things up a gear, so you need ideas to help improve your affiliate commissions.

Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of useful tips and tricks to help boost your affiliate earnings. These tips will help to turn more of your visitors into customers.

1 – Learn Everything You Can About The Product And How To Promote It Effectively To Your Target Audience

As an affiliate, you need to build a website to ‘pre-sell’ the product or products you are promoting. ‘Pre-Sell’ is simply getting the visitor more interested in the product, through a review, list of benefits, case studies etc.

The visitor reads your content, has their interest peaked and clicks through to the official product site, where they hopefully buy.

However, it’s no good just having a few paragraphs of text and a banner, then expecting your visitors to eagerly buy. You need to make your site attractive, informative and appealing for the visitor.

  • Basically, it’s your job to get them excited about the product and make sure they understand how it will change their life for the better.Some of your visitors will already be familiar with the product, but most will not. What you tell and show them, will have a huge effect on whether they click through or not.
  • The visitor may not fully understand what the product is or how it will benefit them and they could be in browsing mode.As you can imagine, the more positive your site is about the product, the more you can show them that it’s the best choice, the more testimonials you use, the more likely the visitor will click through and buy.
  • Make sure you cover any questions the visitor may have regarding the product.Tell them about what it is, what it does and why it’s the best. You can get all the info you need from the product website. Many product vendors will have pre-written reviews, articles, etc you can use and you can normally use any testimonials and case studies too.
  • Get to know the products you’re selling inside out and it will make a massive difference to your results. If you can successfully get the visitor excited about the product, you’ll make more sales.

2 – Promote One Product At A Time

Remember to promote one MAIN product on your site. If you have a review site with multiple products, make sure you choose one as a winner/favourite/best. And explain why it’s the winner/favourite/best.

Everything should lead to that one product. Obviously, someone may buy one of the other products you’re reviewing, but in general visitors will go for your main suggestion.

Be careful about including other offers, banners etc on your site.

Many affiliates have multiple ads, banners etc for other products, but I would say avoid that approach. You don’t want to confuse your visitors and offering one product at a time is the best way to go.

3 – Set Yourself Up To Get Free Traffic From Google

The more visitors you get, the more sales you should make and you can get visitors in 2 ways. Paid traffic and free traffic.

You can buy as much traffic as you want, but it’s obviously best to try and set your site up so it attracts plenty of Google lurv and start enjoying the wave of free traffic. Also, because traffic that comes from Google has actually searched for what you’re promoting, it tends to convert into sales well.

To get ranked in Google you need plenty of good content based around your subject matter and keywords. As you’ve probably noticed recently, Google is getting rid of weak, content light sites. Make sure yours is high quality and informative and include plenty of links to your chosen product.

Another important part of getting your site ranked is updating your site regularly.

Google will visit your site when it’s new and ‘index’ it, so it can show it in the search results. It will keep coming back as long as you have new content on your site each time. If you stop posting new content, Google will visit less and you will find it hard to get ranked for your keywords.

No rankings = no free traffic.

To avoid this happening, have a blog on your site and post a couple of articles each week. They don’t have to be regarding the exact product, but make sure they are relevant to the product. Remember, you’re educating your visitors so they see you as an expert. They’ll be far more likely to trust you then and buy your recommendations.

It’s simple to get info for your articles. Google your subject and you’ll find a world of info you can re-write. Look at other sites in your niche for useful info, buy PLR articles you can use as your own and re-write them or even hire an outsourcer to write content for you. It’s not expensive and will be an investment in your business.

Obviously you redirect people back to the product you are promoting throughout the article or post.

4 – Use A Headline On Your Homepage

Your website needs to grab your visitor’s attention. As humans our attention span is pretty low, for most things. However, our online attention span is even lower.

If you don’t grab your visitor’s attention immediately, you’ll lose them with one click of the mouse. If they click away, they are not going to buy anything you are promoting, so you won’t earn any commission.

The best way to draw them into your site is with a headline. If you tell them immediately ‘What’s in it for them’, you’ll keep their attention longer. If it’s a review site, even having something general such as:

“I’ve Spent The Time, Money & Effort Reviewing All The Best Products In The Making Money Online Niche . . . So You Don’t Have To”

Is better than no headline at all. It gives something for the visitor’s eyes to go to when they land on your site. If they like the headline, they’ll read the next bit and so on. Make sure your headline offers them a benefit, peaks their curiosity or makes an irresistible offer. You’re much more likely to draw them in than just having “Welcome To My Site”.

The longer you can keep them on your site, the better. How long they stay, or your ‘Bounce Rate’, is another thing Google takes into account when ranking you for your keywords.

Video on your homepage is a good idea. If someone watches a video, they stay on your site at least a few minutes, which improves your bounce rate.

5 – Start Building A ‘List’.

A ‘List’ simply refers to a list of email subscribers. You’ve seen the websites where it asks for your email in return for a sample, free report, video etc? They are building a list of subscribers.

Once you put your email in the box, the email is stored in what’s known as an Autoresponder. You also upload email messages into the autoresponder and it sends them out to your subscribers at pre-set intervals. You can set it for daily, weekly, monthly etc, it’s up to you.

Your visitor gets a confirmation email, minutes after putting in their email address. They click on it to confirm it’s actually them subscribing.

They begin getting the rest of the email series which should be a mixture of help, advice, tips, news etc, with some product promotion thrown in every few messages. Because they have given you their email, they are obviously interested in what you are offering, so you can pick up a lot of sales when they begin getting your emails.

The beauty of this is that it can be set up in a day, with 20 or 30 emails lined up and ready to roll. Then it becomes autopilot, as a percentage of your visitors will sign up, read the emails and end up buying the product, without any more effort from you.

You can build up to having 1000’s of people on your ‘list’ and make a good income from that alone.

You’ll need to set up an autoresponder and the most popular ones are:

Check each one as you can normally get a deal for the first month, or a free account with a set amount of subscribers allowed, to get you off to a start. Remember, to be successful online, you must be prepared to invest a little money.

If you can’t afford this yet, wait until you get your first commission check and re-invest some of it. Having a good subscriber list is worth its weight in gold and can bring in a serious income.

Last Thing, Keep Working At It . . .

Don’t give up on the dream of financial independence. Keep working towards it by chipping away each day and you’ll be there in no time.

But please understand that you can’t build a site in 10 minutes, then expect to do nothing else with it and for Google to automatically send you customers and sales. You have to learn how to attract visitors and improve your results, then keep applying yourself a little each day.

And before you know it, you’ll have a raging success on your hands!

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Internet Marketing

How to Get Backlinks without spamming?




How to Get Backlinks without spamming

Backlinks play a very important role in your search rankings. Every do-follow link acts as a positive vote for your website. The more backlinks you have more is your website’s reputability.

This backlink craze leads to some spammy activities like comment spamfake profilesforum spam etc. Many people pay to get backlinks. But most of the websites participating in such activities are penalized by Google. It is very hard to recover from such penalties.

Spamming is not everything to get backlinks. There are many ways to get natural backlinks without spamming. Such backlinks are called Natural Backlinks.

What are Natural Backlinks?

Natural Backlinks are the links not generated by you. These links are naturally or organically generated. Whenever others find your contents useful, they link to your site.
Perfect example – Wikipedia. Almost 80% blogs have at least one link to Wikipedia. Wikipedia never asks users to link to them nor it gives links to anyone. They are the users who link to Wikipedia.

How to get Natural Backlinks without Spamming?

1. High-Quality content

The higher is the quality of your content, the more often it is loved by users. I am not talking about Language alone. Suppose, you are running a blog and providing content copied from somewhere else, it will destroy your users’ experience. But if you provide in-depth analysis of a topic, with related examples, references and good readability, users will get attracted towards your site. This will increase the possibility of people linking to your site.

Example – Wikipedia. Almost every article on Wikipedia is well written and well presented. Articles are not just written, but they cover the topic in detail. Most of the articles provide 100% information related to the topic or term.

2. User-Generated content

User-generated and editable content often fetches lots of attraction. This includes user reviews, opinions and comments. Even Guest Blogging comes in this category. Many times forums provide more information than a blog. Because those who have knowledge or experience, respond to the discussions. Many times useful discussions are shared on other sites. Such sites are harder to manage and face problem of spam however.

For example – JustHost reviews. If you find the review on a blog, you often find the list of all the features, which you already know. But if you find the discussion about JustHost on a forum, you find real experiences and opinions of users.

3. Distribute Open Source content

Distributing Open Source content is the best way to get natural backlinks. Open source means software or script with its source code made available to users. It is licensed with an open source license (OSL). The copyright holder provides all the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.
If you distribute your own work with OSL, there is a high possibility of users linking you back. This increases your Natural Backlinks. Developers also take interest in it. Your work becomes a great community.

For example – Self-hosted WordPress. Millions of WordPress users mention their site is proudly powered by WordPress. WordPress doesn’t put forced links in the footer. But yet users themselves link to it.

4. Free contents

If you can’t create your own open source work, it is still OK. You can distribute other contents like Free Software, Themes, Plugins, Frameworks etc. Try to provide more and more free useful stuff. Many times Give-aways fetch lots of user attraction.

5. Reward your users

If you reward your users, users will love you more. Rewarding users does not mean giving revenue to them. Sections on your site like ‘Top Referrers’, ‘Top Developers’, ‘Top Contributors’, ‘Top Commenters’ etc. fetch user attraction.

6. Advertising

Advertising makes your site get noticed. If you provide a great service, users will link to your website and you will get backlinks.

7. Affiliate program

Affiliate program helps a lot for any eCommerce site. Note that, the page ranks flows through affiliate links. Provided, the link is do-follow. Affiliates not only link to your site but increase the traffic of your site and make your website noticed.

8. Maintain a Blog

There is no excuse for any reputed site not to have a blog. The blog keeps your users updated. Posting offers on blog is a great way to get backlinks. You should be careful about the blog URL. Try to run the blog on a directory instead of sub-domain. Link to will be counted as the link to your site. Whereas, is a different site.

This was my short-list of ways to get backlinks naturally, without spamming. Let me know if you have something to suggest.

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Internet Marketing

Top Marketing And Design Tools For 2021




Marketing And Design

With tech advancements and global events changing our reality in 2020, we expect 2021 to be focused on technological innovations that are all about automating everyday tasks. The marketing and design tools we will be using will be more automated and user friendly to cater to increased daily demands. Below are some of the top marketing and design tools for 2021 worth noting and taking a closer look at.

Website Builders

It’s easier than ever before to create your own website without needing to hire a developer to make your website and you don’t need to know anything about html or learn code. You can create your own blog or portfolio if you are a photographer or graphic designer or just want to make a website for your personal resume, or maybe you are looking to make an online store or a website for your wedding. So depending on your needs you can do some research online and find the best website builder for your specific individual needs. Some of the most well known website builders are Wix, Weebly, Godaddy, Squarespace and if you want to create an online store you can use Shopify or Woocommerce to help you make a personalized e-commerce platform. Finding a website builder that will fit your specific needs, is easy to make and looks professional can sometimes be confusing so maybe you can check out the website builders by Sitetrail that might help you decide which one is the best for you.

Email Marketing Tools

If you want to build your audience and your email list in the most efficient way possible without losing time manually sending emails then you could benefit from using an automated email marketing tool. Email marketing tools are also one of the most basic marketing automation tools which means that they can be useful for small business owners, entrepreneurs or influencers that are just starting out and trying to build their email list. They are also a lot cheaper and more user friendly than an automated marketing tool that can fully integrate all aspects of your business in one tool such as Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo and Omnisend to only name a few. Email marketing tools can save you time and effort by automating the emailing process, marketers are able to create complex campaigns and audience segmentation to make sure that your emails are relevant and thus increasing your open rate. Some of the most popular email marketing tools that can be easily integrated with other automation tools and have free versions available are Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Mailjet, Constant Contact, Automizy and many more that you can easily discover with a simple online search.

Digital Marketing Research Tools for SEO

If you want to get higher rankings on Google then you’ll need to use a digital marketing research tool for SEO that can help you create backlinks that are the number one factor to ranking higher on Google. Digital marketing research tools can help you optimize your website by showing you which keywords are bringing the most traffic to your website, optimizing your meta descriptions and title tags and getting more clicks. These platforms also have backlink checkers that can help you check the backlinks to your website and help you identify and remove bad links and also compare the content of your website with that of your competitors. Some of the most popular digital marketing research tools for SEO out there are Ahrefs, Google Console, Ubersuggest, Semrush and many more tools that you can check out on the Sitetrail comparison guide

Graphic Design Tools

When looking to create the perfect design without hiring a graphic designer or needing to have some graphic design experience yourself, you can use one of the many graphic design tools that have templated content that makes the process quite simple. You can create personalized content by using existing templates that these tools offer and customize them by using your own photos, fonts, color scheme etc to create website and social media posts, ads, and flyers. Some of the most popular graphic design tools that have a great host of templates are Canva, Adobe Spark Post, Picmonkey and Stencil just to name a few, you can always do your research online and find the tool that best suits your personal needs.

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Internet Marketing

Six Effective Online Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business




Online Marketing Strategies

In the modern-day business landscape, online marketing has become an integral part of every business. The advent of the internet and the emergence of online platforms has changed the way businesses work. Earlier, being present on the online platform was an option, but now it has become a necessity for every business. According to a study, more than 70% of the customers first search for the business on the internet before buying any product or service.

But many small and medium-sized businesses wonder how they can leverage the power of online marketing for increasing website traffic and boosting the growth of their business. The online marketing landscape keeps on changing, and that’s why sometimes it becomes quite challenging to keep a tab on what’s trending. There is no denial in the fact that there are different ways to build a strong presence on the online platform but using all the tips that you come across in not a practical solution. This is why, in this blog post, we will go through the six most effective online marketing strategies to grow your business.

Build a responsive, up-to-date website

 A website is the most visible part of your online presence as it acts as your virtual shop. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in social media strategy, content creation, search engine optimization, if you will not have a good website, then you will never be able to perform well on the online platform. Your website should be responsive, and it should act as a seamless guide to your product and services for the visitors. If a website does not lead the visitors to where he wants to go, then the bounce rate of your website will increase. You should also keep on updating your site with new plug-ins and use the trending SEO practices.

Include social media platform

In the current era, social media has become a complete world in itself. With more than 2.7 billion people using social media sites every month, you can’t ignore this powerful and gigantic virtual world while making an online marketing strategy. You should know that social media is one of the easiest and cost-effective modes of marketing, and that’s why even small and medium-sized businesses are using it. From creating sponsored ads on Facebook to adding useful hashtags on Twitter, you can use social media sites in various ways.

Bring in Email marketing

Emails will continue to remain one of the most popular communication channels, and therefore, you should never opt out an email while planning online marketing strategies. You need the right mailing list and an excellent email marketing tool. Email marketing has more ROI, and the response rate is also higher in it. This is why most of the businesses still use email marketing. The content of the email will even matter a lot. Make sure to include short and crisp lines in your email.

Invest in mobile optimization

The influx of mobile has now forced giant search engines to turn the internet into a mobile-friendly platform. This is why Google came up with Mobile-first indexing in which websites that were not optimized for mobile usage were penalized. Nowadays, optimizing your site for mobile has a very good effect on your overall ranking. You should use the same approach while designing an app as well.

Provide a seamless payment procedure

Do you know that there is a large group of people who cancel their purchase just because of the complicated, limited or time taking payment procedures? This is why it has become essential for every online business to build a seamless and easy to understand payment procedure. You will never wish your customers to cancel the purchase just because of lousy payment procedures. You should also include as many payment options as you can on your website.

Invest in images

The images that you use on your website, social media pages and blogs play a significant role in the overall impression of your brand. So, instead of using free images which are very common, you should invest in quality images. Buying or making the right image for your website or any other purpose won’t cost you much, but it will have an excellent effect on your online presence.

Online marketing strategy is all about keeping tabs on the latest trend and using the right tool at the right places. Without a good online marketing strategy, all your effort of building a robust online presence will go astray. From search engine optimization to using social media platforms, there are many things that you should include in your online marketing strategy.

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